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List 93: Jews in the Netherlands and the Dutch colonies

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1. STUDIA ROSENTHALIANA Tijdschrift voor Joodse wetenschap en geschiedenis in Nederland. Complete set. Vols. 1-45. ISSN 1781-7838.
Amsterdam, 1967-2014. Orig. wraps. 1 vol. orig. cloth. Very good complete set. EUR 1,690.--
~Journal for Jewish history and literature in the Netherlands, published by the Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana. Mainly in English (early volumes contain also Dutch contributions). Vols 1-35 contain also: Notarial Records relating to the Portuguese Jews in Amsterdam up to 1639 (Descriptions of items from the Municipal Archives in English). 2 issues a year. From volume 36 onwards published as a yearbook by Peeters publishers. Publication in progress.
Separately available:
36 (2002-2003) Speaking Jewish - Jewish Speak. Multilingualism in Western Ashkenazic Culture. 360 pp. (40,--).
37. (2004) Jewish Ceremonial Objects in transcultural context. 436 pp. (50,--).
38/39. (2006). Omnia in Eo. Studies on Jewish books and libraries in honour of Adri Offenberg, celebrating the 125th anniversary of the Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana in Amsterdam. 400 pp.(115,--).
40 (2007-2008). Epigonism and the dynamic of Jewish culture. 295 pp.) (67,--).
41 (2009) Between two worlds: Yiddish-German encounters. (55,--).
42/43 (2010-2011) Reading texts on Jews and Judaism in the Low Countries (70,--).
44. Mapping Jewish Amsterdam: The early modern perspective (65,--).
45 (2014) Jewish Art in Context (90,--)
Many earlier volumes separately available. Prices on request.

2. [AMSTERDAM. JOODS HISTORISCH MUSEUM] - Jewish life in the Golden Age of Amsterdam 1592-1796. Portegiezen en Tedescos - Joods leven in Amsterdam 1592-1796. Exposition Catalogue.
Amsterdam / Tel Aviv, J.H.M. and Beth Hatefutsoth, The Nahum Goldmann Museum of the Jewish Diaspora, 1982. Orig. wraps, partly loose. 96 pp. Illustrated. Good copy. EUR 10.--
~Bilingual English-Dutch

3. ASSAF, SHARON and EMILY D. BILSKI. - Salom Italia's Ester Scrolls and the Dutch Golden Age. (Essay Series in Jewish Cultue and Art).
Amsterdam, Joods Historisch Museum, Menasseh Ben Israel Instituut., No date (after 2008). Softcover. 52 pp., illustrated. New.. EUR 9.50
~Essay, published on the occasion of the exhibition: The Triumph of Identity, Salom Italia's Ester Scrolls and the Dutch Golden Age', in the Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam

4. BARENDREGT, JAAP. - Securities at Risk. The restitution of jewish securities stolen in the Netherlands during World War II. Edited by Eric Fischer, Cherelt Kroeze and Joop Sanders. ISBN 9052601364.
Amsterdam, Aksant Academic Publishers, 2004. Softcover. 94 pp., illustrated. EUR 25.--

5. BELINFANTE, JUDITH C.E. and EDWARD VAN VOOLEN. - The Esnoga. A monument to Portuguese-Jewish culture. Co-authors: David Ph. Cohen Paraira, Jaffa Baruch-Sznaj and Julie-Marthe Cohen. 2nd ed. ISBN 9090043500.
Amsterdam, D'arts., 2001. Or. cloth with dustjacket. 95 pp. Illustrated. EUR 17.--

6. BERG, ERNA. - Memoirs of Life Underground. A jewish woman from the village of Berne in hiding in Amsterdam 1943-1945. Produced and edited on behalf of the Landkreis Wesermarch by Ursula Bernhold, in collaboration with Dr. Renate Neeman and Almut Setje-Eilers. Text editor (German verson): Dr. Uta Frleischmann. Translation: Dr. Renate Neeman. Text-editor (English version): Adrian Mills.
Oldenburg, Isensee Verlag, 2010. Orig. wraps. 200 pp., illustrated. Very good copy. EUR 19.--

7. [BERGEN-BELSEN] - Holocaust and rebirth. Bergen Belsen 1945-1965. Foreword by Dr. Jacob Robinson. Introduction by Josef Rosensaft. Edited by Sam E. Bloch.
New York / Tel Aviv, Bergen-Belsen Memorial Press of the World Federation of Bergen-Belsen Associations, 1965. Orig. leather in or. slipcase. Gilt edges. Some wear to spine. Spine discolored. LXXXV, 386 pp. Richly illustrated. Folio. Good copy. EUR 125.--
~Edition de luxe. Text in Yiddish and English. Wiener Library 7, 4460. Photo's will be sent on request.

8. BERGER, SHLOMO. - Classical oratory and the Sephardim of Amsterdam. Rabbi Aguilar's Tratado de la Retórica. ISBN 9789065505477.
Hilversum, Verloren, 1996. Softcover. 141 pp. Illustrated. New. EUR 24.--

9. BERNFELD, TIRTSAH LEVIE. - Dowries and dotar: An unbroken chain of 400 years. Essay written on the 400th anniversary of the Amsterdam-based Portuguese Jewish bridal society Santa Companhia de Dotar Orphas e Donzellas.
Amsterdam, mbii, jhm, DOTAR, 2015. Paperback. 106 pp. Illustr. New. EUR 11.50
~Contains catalogue with photo's and descriptions of 18 exhibited items from the exhibition DOTAR 400 years. English language

10. BESSO, HENRY V. - Dramatic literature of the Sephardic Jews of Amsterdam in the XVIIth and XVIIIth centuries.
New York, Hispanic Institute, 1947. Or. wrps, slightly damaged.XI, 117 pp. Paper browned. Edges worn. Considering the paper used, a very good copy. EUR 55.--

11. BLOM, J.C.H.; R.G. FUKS-MANSFELD and I. SCHÖFFER (eds.). - The history of the Jews in the Netherlands. ISBN 187477451X.
Oxford, Littman Library of Jewish Civilization, 2002. Hardcover with dustjacket. 576 pp. Illustr. New. EUR 100.--

12. BLOM, J.C.H.; R.G. FUKS-MANSFELD and I. SCHÖFFER (eds.). - The history of the Jews in the Netherlands. Paperback edition ISBN 187477451X.
Oxford, Littman Library of Jewish Civilization, 2007. Softcover. 576 pp. Illustr. New. EUR 31.--

13. BLOOM, HERBERT I. - Economic Activities of the Jews of Amsterdam in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries.
Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Bayard Press, 1937. Contemp. black cloth with gold lettering. XVIII, 332 pp. And 4 folding tables (repaired at folding-line). EUR 180.--
~First edition.

14. BOAS, J.H. - Religious resistance in Holland.
London, Netherlands Government Information Bureau, 1945. Orig. wraps, top spine slightly worn. 64 pp. Very good copy. EUR 40.--
~The author, a Jewish convert to Roman Catholicism, escaped to England in May 1940. According to the author after the invasion, the christian churches `resisted all attempts of the usurpers to impose their pagan practices' like `championing the cause of the Jews'.

15. BOCK, CLAUS VICTOR. - Untergetaucht unter Freunden. Ein Bericht. Amsterdam 1942- 1945.
Amsterdam, Castrum Peregrini Presse, 1985. Orig. wraps. 163 pp. Very good copy. EUR 15.--

16. BODIAN, MIRIAM. - Hebrews of the Portuguese nation. Conversos and community in early modern Amsterdam.
Indiana University Press, 1997. Softcover. XIV, 219 pp. As new. EUR 20.--

17. BOLLE, KEES (ed.). - Ben's Story: Holocaust Letters with Selections from the Dutch Underground Press. ISBN 13: 9780809323746.
Carbondale, Southern Illinois University Press, 2001. Orig. cloth with dustjacket. EUR 12.--
~Text in English. Ben Wessels and Kees W. Bolle were boyhood friends in the village of Oostvoorne, Holland, in the 1930s. Ten years later, Ben was struggling to survive in the notorious Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, where he perished in 1945 along with fellow inmate Anne Frank and over a million Jews and other ethnic and religious minorities. Decades later when he was visiting his friend Johan Schipper in Oostvoorne, Kees Bolle discovered a bundle of letters written by Ben. Juxtaposing Ben's letters with reports from the Dutch underground press, both of which appear in English for the first time, Bolle creates a unique portrait of the Netherlands during World War II, one very different from the romantic vision of the Resistance often portrayed in other accounts.

18. BOTS, HANS and JAN ROEGIERS (eds.). - The contribution of the Jews to the culture in the Netherlands. La contribution des Juifs à la culture des anciens Pays-Bas. Ed. by Hans Bots & Jan Roegiers. Offprint from: Lias 16, part 2. ISBN 9030210990.
Amsterdam / Maarssen, APA, 1989. Or. wrps. 159-362 pp. New. EUR 20.--
~J.W. Wesselius about Johannes Drusius. Offenberg about visit Menasseh ben Israel to Christina of Sweden at Antwerp. H.P. Salomon on `the oldest account concerning the origin of Portuguese Judaism at Amsterdam' and other articles.

19. BRABER, BEN. - This Cannot Happen Here: Integration and Jewish Resistance in the Netherlands, 1940-1945 (Studies of the Netherlands Institute for War Documentation). ISBN 9789089645838.
Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press, 2013. Hardcover. 187 pp. New. EUR 68.--

20. BRASZ, CHAYA and Y. Kaplan (eds.). - Dutch Jews as perceived by themselves and by others. Proceedings of the Eight International Symposium on the History of the Jews in the Netherlands. ISBN 978900411705 1.
Leiden, Brill, 2001. Orig. cloth with dustjacket. XIV, 457 pp. And plates. EUR 43.--

21. BREGSTEIN, PHILO, and SALVADOR BLOEMGARTEN. - Remembering Jewish Amsterdam.
New York - London, Holmes & Meier, 2004. Hardcover with dustjacket. XXII, 245 pp. And 9 pp. photographic plates. EUR 35.--
~Transl. from the Dutch. Original title: Herinnering aan Joods Amsterdam. This book consists of fragments of 77 interviews with Holocaust survivors who talk about their life in Amsterdam before the war. In his introduction, Bloemgarten describes the history of Jewish community in Amsterdam from the 17th century until the German occupation in 1940 and shows that for centuries it was one of the most important jewish community in Western Europe.

22. BREMER, GEERT. - Dem Feinde zuwinken. Ein Niederländer erzählt über siene Wurzener Zwangsarbeiterjahre 1943-1945. ISBN 3934544134.
Beucha, Sax-Verlag, 2001. Small 8vo. Orig. wraps. 144 pp., illustrated. Very good copy. EUR 12.--
~German translation from Wuiven naar de vijand, Amsterdam 1998.

23. CASTRO, DAVID HENRIQUEZ DE. - Keur van grafsteenen op de Nederl. Portug.-Israël. begraafplaats te Ouderkerk a.d. Amstel. Met beschrijving en biographische aanteekeningen. Auswahl von Grabsteinen auf dem Niederl.-Port.-Israel. Begräbnissplatze zu Ouderkerk an den Amstel. Nebst beschreibung und biographischen Skizzen.
Leiden, E.J. Brill, 1883. Large folio. Halfcloth binding with slight wear. Orig. frontcover mounted. XII, 126 pp. and 15 plates of gravestones, 1 plan, 1 reproduction. Complete with all illustrations. Some slight foxing. Frontispiece loosening. Else internally very good. EUR 240.--
~First edition. Bilingual. Text in Dutch and German. (Keur van Grafstenen = selected Gravestones) Pictures will be sent on request

25. COHEN, JULIE-MARTHE. - Up for auction - Onder de hamer. The variegated collection of David Henriques de Castro (1826-1898). Exhibition Catalogue Joods Historisch Museum Amsterdam.
Amsterdam, 1999. Soft cover. 40 pp. Illustrated. New. EUR 7.50
~Text in English and Dutch.

26. COHEN, JULIE-MARTHE and JELKA KRÖGER (eds.). - Gifts from the heart. Ceremonial Objects from the Jewish Historical Museum, Amsterdam. ISBN 9040090106..
Zwolle, Waanders, 2004. Softcover. 272 pp. Illustrated with many photo's. New. EUR 7.--
~In English. Among the contributions: Naomi Feuchtwanger-Sarig: Bernard Picart: Image, text and material culture. Jelka Kröger: Hebrew inscriptions on ceremonial objects. Mirjam Alexander-Knotter: The festive display at Amsterdam's Ashkenazi Synagogue Complex.

27. COHEN, JULIE-MARTE & FELICITAS HEIMANN-JELINEK (eds.). - Neglected Witnesses. The Fate of Jewish Ceremonial Objects During the Second World War and After. ISBN 9781903987216.
Amsterdam, Jewish Historical Museum, 2011. Softcover. 400 pp., illustrated after photographs. As new.. EUR 45.--
~With 11 contributions by different authors (and 5 Appendices), a.o. on Viennese judaica collections, Jewish Museums in former Czechoslovakia, Judaica Collections in Poland, Theft and Restitution of Judaica in the Netherlands, etc.

28. COHEN, ROBERT (ed.). - The Jewish nation in Surinam. Historical essays. Edited with an introduction.
Amsterdam, 1982. Orig. wraps. 103 pp., illustrated. EUR 13.--

29. COHEN, ROBERT. - Jews in another environment. Surinam in the second half of the eighteenth century. ISBN 9004093737.
Leiden, Brill, 1991. Orig. cloth with dustjacket. Dj discolored. XVI, 350 pp. EUR 90.--
~Contains appendix: catalogue of the library of David de Isaac Cohen Nassy (late 18th cent.), editor of the Essay historique sur la colonie de Suriname, Paramaribo 1788. The catalogue mentions 433 items. In addition to this catalogue the author presents a list of 90 items listed by Nassy in his book and not found in his library.

30. [COHEN-NASSY, DAVID DE] - Essai historique sur la Colonie de Surinam. Sa fondation, ses révolutions, ses progrès, depuis son origine jusquà nos jours, ainsi que les causes qui dépuis quelques années ont arreté le cours de sa prosperité etc. Avec l'histoire de la Nation Juive Portugaise et Allemande y etablie, leurs privilèges immunités & franchises: leur Etat politique & moral, tant ancien que moderne: La part qu'ils ont eu dans la défense & dans les progrès de la Colonie. Le totu redigé sur des pieces authetiques y ointes, & mis en ordre par les Rérens & Réprésentans de ladite Nation Juive Portugaise. Paramaribo 1788. Reprint. 2 parts in 1 vol.
Amsterdam, S. Emmering, 1968. Orig. cloth. XXXVIII, 192, 197 pp. Very good copy. EUR 30.--
~Language: FRENCH. Unchanged reprint of the original edition.

31. COMMITTEE FOR DEMOGRAPHY OF JEWS IN THE NETHERLANDS. Dutch Jewry: A demographic analysis. A post-War Study. Repr. from Vol. III, No 2 and Vol. IV, No 1 of `The Jewish Journal of Sociology'.
no date (1961). EUR 20.--
~Foreword by A. Vedder (Chairman of the committee). Translated from the Dutch

32. [DA COSTA, URIEL] - KASTEIN, JOSEF. - Uriel da Costa oder die Tragödie der Gesinnung.
Berlin, 1932. Or. wrps, loose. 340 pp. And 12 plates. EUR 10.--

33. DITZHUIJZEN, JEANNETTE. - A Shtetl under the Sun. The Ashkenazic Community of Curaçao. ISBN 9789460221576.
Amsterdam, KIT Publishers, 2011. Hardcover. 248 pp., illustrated after photographs throughout. New. EUR 19.--
~Translated from the Dutch first edition from 2009.

34. DUBIEZ, F.J. - La comunidad sefardita de Amsterdam. (Transl. from the Dutch).
4to. Orig. wraps. 12 pp. Illustrated. EUR 10.--
~Originally published in: `Ons Amsterdam', 17de jaargang, nos 11 en 12, 1965. Spanish translation

35. DUBIEZ, F.J. - The Sephardi Community of Amsterdam. (Transl. from the Dutch). Or.wrps. 12 pp. 4to.
Orig. wraps. 12 pp. Illustrated. EUR 20.--
~Originally published in: `Ons Amsterdam', 17de jaargang, nos 11 en 12, 1965

36. DUNKELGRÜN, THEODOR. - "Never printed like this before". Johannes Leusden, Joseph Athias, and the Hebrew Bible (1659-1667). Menasseh ben Israel Instituut Studies X.
Amsterdam, Menasseh ben Israel Instituut - Morasha, 2014. Orig. wraps. 144 pp. New. EUR 10.--
~In 1667 a groundbreaking Hebrew Bible was published in Amsterdam. It was edited by the Dutch Calvinist professor Johannes Leusden in collaboration with Jewish scholars printed by the Sephardi exile Joseph Athias. This study examines the realisation and the characteristics of this bible. Contains extensive notes and bibliography.

37. EMMANUEL, ISAAC S., EMMANUEL, SUZANNE A. - History of the Jews of the Netherlands Antilles. 2 vols.
Cincinnati, American Jewish Archives, 1970. Orig. cloth with dustjacket. 1165 pp. with 311 illustrations in separate plates. Large 4to. Very good set. EUR 275.--

38. FISHMAN, JOEL. - The Jewish Community in Post-War Netherlands, 1944-1975. Reprinted from Midstream, January 1976 (Or. wrps. pp. 42-53).
EUR 9.--
~Research done with support of the R.I.O.D.

39. FLIM, BERT JAN. - Saving the Children History of the Organized Effort to Rescue Jewish Children in the Netherlands 1942-1945. Abridgement by Jozien J. Driessen-van het Reve. Transl. by Jeannette K. Ringold.
Bethesda, Maryland, CDL Press, 2005. Hardcover. XVI, 192 pp. A few pen-underlinings. EUR 20.--

40. FRISHMAN, JUDITH, DAVID WERTHEIM and others (eds.). - Borders and Boundaries in and around Dutch Jewish History. ISBN9789052603872.
Amsterdam, Aksant Academic Publishers, 2011. Softcover. 208 pp., illustrated. As new. EUR 17.--
~With 13 contributions by a.o. S. Siegmund on the Ghetto of Florence, Dan Michman on the formation of ghetto's under nazi rule and its bearings on Amsterdam; David Wertheim on the political significance of Anne Frank, etc.

41. FUKS, L. and R.G. FUKS-MANSFELD. - Hebrew typography in the Northern Netherlands 1585-1815. Vols. 1 & 2 (Complete set of 2 vols).
Leiden, 1984-1987. Orig. cloth. VIII, 504 pp. Some illustrations Very good set. EUR 140.--

42. FUKS, LEO. - Aspects of Jewish life in the Netherlands. A selection from the writings of Leo Fuks. Edited and with an introduction by Renate G. Fuks-Mansfeld.
Assen, 1995. Orig. cloth.VIII, 220 pp. Handwritten dedication on flyleaf. Else clean. EUR 26.--

43. GALEN LAST, DICK and ROLF WOLFSWINKEL. - Anne Frank and after. Dutch holocaust literature in historical perspective.
Amsterdam, Amsterdan University Press, 1996. Hardcover. 184 pp. New. EUR 10.--
~With many quotations of writers like Moshe Flinker, Gerard Durlacher, Margo Minco and Etty Hillesum. "With its well-chosen quotations (many appearing for the first time in print), presented in a clear and illuminating historical setting, Anne Frank and After is must reading for all who want to go beyond Anne Frank for a more rounded picture of wartime Holland and its Jews." ("Holocaust and Genocide Studies--January 1998)

44. GANS, M.S. - Memorbook. History of Dutch Jewry from the renaissance to 1940 with 1100 illustrations. Transl. from the Dutch.
Baarn, Bosch & Keuning, 1977. Large 4to. Orig. cloth with dustjacket (Dustj. damaged). 852 pp. Profusely illustrated. Very good copy. EUR 55.--
~Text in English.

45. GERBER, JANE S. (ed.). - The Jews in the Caribbean. ISBN: 9781906764142.
London, Littman Library, 2013. Cloth with dustjacket. 409 pp. New. EUR 48.--
~Contributions by Miriam Bodian, Jonathan Israel, Gérard Nahon, Judah M. Cohen, Eli Faber and many others.

46. GERSTENFELD, MANFRED. - Judging the Netherlands: The renewed Holocaust Restitution Process, 1997-2000. Foreword by Stuart E. Eizenstat. ISBN 9789652180971.
Jerusalem, Center for Public Affairs., 2011. Softcover. 217 pp. New. EUR 29.--
~This book first gives the historical background of the wartime persecution of the Dutch Jews, their chilly reception in the Netherlands after the war, and the highly problematic postwar restitution process. The book then focuses on the reports of the various commissions of inquiry in the late 1990s, the development of the negotiations, the public debate, as well as the emotional impact on those involved.

47. GRIJN SANTEN, WILHELM VAN DER. - Makum Aleph: Amsterdam als jüdischer Zufluchtsort In der deutschen und niederländischen Literatur. ISBN 9783826038365.
Würzburg, Königshausen & Neumann, 2008. Softcover. 383 pp. Very good copy. EUR 38.--
~Text in German. Introductory survey on Jewish immigration to the Netherlands. The author selected 21 literary German and Dutch works which are discussed in detail. To name some examples: Karl Gutzkow: Ariel Acosta, Berthold Auerbach: Spinoza, Maurits Wertheim, De soete bazinne, Egon Erwin Kisch: Sieben Geschichten aus dem Ghetto, Siegfried van Praag: Pension Wessels, Grete Weil: Jüdin als Zustand, Arnon Grunberg: Blauwe maandagen.

48. GUILLOT DE MARCILLY. - Relation historique et théologique d'un voyage en Hollande et autres provinces de Pays-Bas.
Paris, Jacques Estienne, 1719. 8vo. Contemp. leather, worn. Spine damaged at top and bottom. Red edges. (16), 448, 11 pp. Some pencil-underlinings. Internally good/very good. Pictures will be sent on request. EUR 190.--
~The Roman Catholic author visited the Netherlands to study Protestantism, Judaism and various other religions. He is very cautious with the French emigrants as many are fervently anti- Catholic and would even be able to kill him. His occasional contacts with the Jews are obviously much safer. At one occasion he uses the Synagogue in Amsterdam to meet a well-known French emigrant, the Marquis De Langallerie. He regularly discusses religious issues with the Rabbis. In Rotterdam he is present at a circumcision in the house of a rich Jew (p. 81) and in Ouderkerk he visited the Jewish cemetery, "which provides burial places for more than 20.000 Jewish families." On this latter visit he concluded that the poor Jews could not be converted and should be left to their "entêtement maudit." (p. 92).

49. GUTSCHOW, MIRJAM. - Inventory of Yiddish Publications from the Netherlands c.1650 - c. 1950. ISBN 9789004149847.
Leiden, Brill, 2006. Hardcover. VI, 248 pp. With 32 illustrations. New. EUR 105.--
~Inventory of Yiddish books printed in the Netherlands (more than 580 titles). With indices and bibliographical references and the libraries where the titles can be found.

50. HAAR, CAREL TER and EDWARD VAN VOOLEN (eds.). - Jüdisches Städtebild Amsterdam. Aus dem Niederländischen von Helga van Beuningen. ISBN 3633540806.
Frankfurt am Main, Jüdischer Verlag im Suhrkamp Verlag., 1993. Orig. boards, with dustjacket. 211 pp. Illustrated. Very good copy. EUR 15.--

51. HARARI, JACOB (ps. of Fritz Pick). - Die Ausrottung der Juden im besetzten Holland. Ein Tatsachenbericht.
Tel Aviv, Irgun Olej Merkaz Europa, 1944. Orig. wraps, edges damaged. Ends of spine worn. 100 pp. Paper yellowing. Good copy. EUR 40.--
~The author, born 1887 in Lissia, emigrated to Holland after 1933. Deported to Westerbork 20.6.1943 and to Bergen-Belsen 11.1.1944. On 29.6.1944 he was selected for an exchange transport to Palestine. He died in Munich in 1974. See Weinreb-Rapport (1976), p. 1639; Bibliogr. Judaica 2, p. 161.

52. HENDRIKS, ARIANE; VAN VELZEN, JAAP. - Short History Of Jewish Amsterdam. New and Old Jewish Neighbourhoods. Second edition..
Amstelveen - Amsterdam, Jewish Historical Museum, 2006. Softcover. 14 pp. Illustrated. Very good condition. EUR 9.--
~Language: English

53. HERRMANN, SIMON. - Austauschlager Bergen Belsen. Geschichte eines Austauschtransportes.
Tel Aviv, Irgun Olej Merkas Europa, 1944. Orig. wraps. Tiny piece lacking from top spine. 96 pp. Paper rather brown. Yellowing paper. Last page sligthly dam. due to staples. Good copy. EUR 35.--
~Not in WL 7. In July 1944, 222 Dutch Jews, who had been transported from Westerbork to Bergen Belsen were selected for an exchange transport to Palestine and travelled by train to Haifa. In Vienna 60 Jews from other countries joined them. The group consisted mainly of children and middle-aged people. The author was an eye-witness of the journey and gives also many detail on the life in Westerbork and Bergen Belsen.

54. HES, HINDLE S. - Jewish Physicians in the Netherlands 1600-1940.
Assen, Van Gorcum, 1980. Orig. wraps.XXII, 206 pp. Illustrated. Slight foldingmarks in lower corner. EUR 15.--

55. HIRSCH, MENKO MAX. - Frucht vom Baum des Lebens. Ozer Peroth Ez Chajim. Die Sammlung der Rechtsgutachten Peri Ez Chajim des Rabbinerseminars Ets Haim zu Amsterdam. Zeitlich geordnet, ins Deutsche übertragen und in gekürzter Form herausgegeben.
Berlin / Antwerpen, 1936. Original wraps. 367 pp. 4to. Fine copy. EUR 34.--
~Bibliophile edition of 1000 copies, published by the Soncino-Gesellschaft. Übersicht über den Inhalt der Responsen des Portugiesischen Rabbinerseminars "Ets Haim".

56. IFRAH, LIONEL. - l'aigle d'Amsterdam. Menasseh ben Israël (1604-1657).
Paris, Honoré Champion éditeur, 2001. Hardcover. 298 pp. EUR 63.--
~Language: French

57. ILAN-ONDERWIJZER, JEHUDITH. - Aus finsteren Zeiten. 1940-1945. Spannungen und Erlebnisse eines holländisch-jüdischen Mädchens während der Holocaustzeit. Übersetzt aus dem Hebräischen von Manfred Rehfeld. Korigirt von Lea Sonnenschein-Onderwijzer.
Tel Aviv, geddruckt im Büro "Laot", 1995. 4to. Plastic spiral binding. 120 pp. Illustrated. Photocopy of xerox publication. No ISBN. EUR 20.--

58. IN MEMORIAM. Inleiding door Hans Bloemendal. Tweede vermeerderde druk. Met het Addendum (los bijgevoegd) ISBN 9799012081787.
Den Haag, SDU, 1995. Linnen band met stofomslag. Stofomslag met lichte gebruiksporen. 858 pp. Zeer goed exemplaar. EUR 94.--
~103.000 names of Jewish war-victims from the Netherlands. In alphabetical order. With dates and places of birth and death. Short introduction in Dutch and Hebrew by Hans Bloemendal. Essential book on Dutch holocaust.

59. ISRAEL, JONATHAN and REINIER SALVERDA (eds.). - Dutch Jewry Its History and Secular Culture (1500-2000). ISBN 9789004124363.
Leiden, Brill, 2002. Orig. cloth. 335 pp. EUR 99.--

60. ISRAEL, JONATHAN and STUART B. SCHWARTZ. - The expansion of tolerance. Religion in Dutch Brazil (1624-1654). ISBN 9789053569023.
Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Press., 2007. Softcover. 60 pp. Illustrated. New. EUR 22.--
~This volume analyses the unprecedented degree of toleration in the colony known as New Holland (...). Special attention is devoted to the position of Sephardic Jews in Recife and Mauritsstad, and to Portuguese responses to religious tolerance.

61. [JERUSALEM - JEWISH NATIONAL AND UNIVERSITY LIBRARY] - The Portuguese community of Amsterdam in the 17th century. Berman Hall, the Jewish National and University Library. (Exhibition Catalogue).
Jerusalem, 1975. Orig. wraps, minor damage to spine. LXXIV, 68 pp. Illustrated. Good copy. EUR 30.--
~English and Hebrew

62. Joodse Pers in de Nederlanden en in Duitsland. Jüdische Presse in den Niederlanden und in Deutschland. 1674-1940. Ed. by L. Fuks and B. Poll.
Amsterdam, 1969. Orig. wraps. 132 pp. illustr. Goed exemplaar. EUR 7.--
~Text in Dutch and German. Exhibition catalogue Anne Frank House, 9-30 June 1969. Shunami 4859.

63. KAPLAN, YOSEF (ed.). - Menasseh ben Israel and his world. Edited by Yosef Kaplan, Henry Méchoulan, Richard H. Popkin. ISBN 9789004091146.
Leiden, Brill, 1989. Orig. cloth with dustjacket (dustj. with traces of use). X, 278 pp. Minor foxing of edges. Else very good. EUR 105.--
~Among the contributions: Y.Kaplan: A generation of progress in the historical study of Dutch Sephardic Jewry. Henry Méchoulan: M. ben Israel and the world of the non-jew. Richard H. Popkin: The rise and fall of the Jewish Indian theory. J.I. Israel: M. van Israel and the Dutch Sephardic colonization movement of the mid-seventeenth century (1645-1657).

64. KAPLAN, YOSEF (ed.). - The Dutch Intersection. The Jews and the Netherlands in Modern History (Brill's Series in Jewish Studies) ISBN 9789004149960.
Leiden, Brill, 2008. Hardcover. 520 pp. Illustrations. EUR 112.--
~Contributions by Bernard Cooperman, Harm den Boer, Michael Studemund-Halévy, Jonathan Israel, Hilde Pach, Irene Zwiep, Rivka Weiss-Blok, Evelien Gans, David Weinberg and many others.

65. KAPLAN, YOSEF. - From Christianity to Judaism: The Story of Orobio De Castro. ISBN: 9781904113140.
London, Littman Library. Paperback. XVIII, 531 pp. New. EUR 29.--

66. KAPLAN, YOSEF. - Religion, Politics and Freedom of Conscience, Excommunication in Early Modern Jewish Amsterdam. (Menasseh ben Israel Instituut Studies V). ISBN 9789081586016.
Amsterdam, Menasseh ben Israel Instituut, 2010. Softcover. 36 pp. New. EUR 9.50
~With a summary in Dutch.

67. KATCHEN, AARON L. - Christian Hebraists and Dutch Rabbis. Seventeenth Century apologetics and the study of Maimonides' Mishneh Torah.
Cambridge, Mass., Harvard University Press, 1984. Modern cloth. XX, 391 pp. New. EUR 30.--

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Braga, 1988. Orig. wraps. CXXXVIII, 23 plates and genealogical table. EUR 10.--
~In Dutch. Introduction to the dissertation. With bibliography. Morteira was probably a teacher of Spinoza. According to Salomon, Spinoza reacts in certain passages in his Tractatus Theologico-Politicus directly to Morteira's Tratado da Verdade.. (pp. CVII-CXIV)

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~Text is in Hebrew

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~Published at the occasion of the exhibition at Musée d'art et d'histoire du Judaïsme. Among the contributions: Yosef Kaplan: Les juifs portugais de la Jérusalem du Nord; Mirjam Alexander-Knotter, Les inscriptions hébraïques dans l'oeuvre de Rembrandt.

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~Book is entirely in HEBREW.

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Amsterdam, Vossiuspers UvA, 2014. Paperback. 125 pp. Some illustr. EUR 24.--
~These five articles, first presented at the conference `The Holocaust and other Genocides (...) in 2011, reflect the current Dutch research on the persecution of the Jews in the Netherlands during the Second World War and recent developments in the historiography concerning this topic.

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~The Leeser Rosenthal / Juda Palache-lezing (lecture) from 5 June 2008. With a summary in Dutch.

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~With bibliographies of Meldola and the Dutchman David Aaron de Sola, and translations of several Hebrew and Dutch letters.

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no date (1991). Or. wrps. 125, 122 pp. Illustrated. Hebrew and English. EUR 48.--
~Bilingual edition. Text in Hebrew (transl. from the original Dutch) and English. The van Son family-members are descendants of Levy Marcus (d. 1782) and Isabella Franken (d. 1799), who lived in Bronkhorst, Gelderland, Netherlands.

113. STRATEN, JITS VAN, SNEL, HARMEN. - Jewish first names in Amsterdam. An inventarisation of Asjkenazi and matching civiel first names between 1669 and 1880. - Joodse voornamen in Amsterdam. Een inventarisatie van Asjkenazische en bijbehorende burgerlijke voornamen tussen 1669 en 1850.
Meppel, 1996. Orig. wraps. V, 178 pp.. EUR 40.--
~Introduction and preface in English and Dutch.

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~Preface and introduction in Dutch and English. Indexes by patronymics, surnames and first names of father-/mother-in-law

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No Place, Private Press, 1997. Oblong. Hardcover. VIII, 187 pp. EUR 25.--
~Bilingual Dutch - English. Purpose of this publication is to make the Jewish registration of the Jewish cemetery Muiderberg between 1811 and 1850 accesible. The Jewish surnames that are found in this registration are of major importance.

116. STRATEN, JITS VAN. - De begraafboeken van Muiderberg 1669-1811 : indexen van personen begraven op de joodse begraafplaats Muiderberg vanaf 12 januari 1669 tot 21 juli 181 - The burial books of Muiderberg 1669-1811 : indexes of persons buried at the Jewish cemetery Muiderberg from 12 January 1669 until 21 July 1811. ISBN 9080324442.
No place, 2000. Folio. Hardcover. VIII, 264 pp. EUR 70.--
~Bilingual Dutch - English. With the publication of De begraafboeken van Muiderberg 1669-1811 all of the burial data of the Amsterdam Jews prior to the introduction of the Registry Office, are now available to all.

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~Bilingual, Dutch and English. Published on the occasion of the exhibition on the Suasso family. 30 June-21 November 1988.

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Margate, Comteqpublishing, 2015. Hardcover. 397 pp. As new. EUR 23.50
~With handwritten dedication by the author

121. ULLMAN, LEO S. - 796 Days. Hiding as a child in occupied Amsterdam during WWII and then coming to America (covering the period 1939-1957).
Margate, Comteqpublishing, 2015. Paperback. 397 pp. As new. EUR 19.--
~With handwritten dedication by the author

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's-Gravenhage, Warray, 1992. Orig. cloth. 316, 811 pp. Oblong. Fine condition. EUR 29.--
~With first- and familynames of Sephardim and Ashkenazim, brides, grooms and witnesses. With indexes.

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~The Snoge was the largest Sephardi synagogue in the world when it was built, between 1671 and 1675. With chapters on the Portuguese Jewish community in Amsterdam and the ceremonial art treasures of the Esnoga. Sephardica. Language: English. Contrib. a.o. David Cohen Paraira, Kees Doornenbal, Mirjam Knotter, Coert Peter Krabbe.

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Amsterdam, 1989. Softcover. Corners slightly bumped. 6], 341 pp. Illustrated. EUR 18.--

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~First edition in English after the Dutch edition of 2013: Gertrude van Tijn en het lot der Nederlandse joden.

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Jerusalem, 1980. 4to. Orig. wraps.IX, 119 pp. Illustr. Very good. EUR 19.--
~Bilingual English and Hebrew. Survey of Jewish bookculture in Amsterdam with many explanatory notes.

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Amsterdam, Menasseh ben Israel Instituut, 2017. Paperback. 39 pp. New. EUR 9.50
~Contains 2 articles: G.B. KAPLAN, Morteira's democratic Hebrew Republic and Amsterdam's converso legacy. D. SCLAR, Blending tradition and modernity: The growth of the Ets Haim Library in the 18th century

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~In French. With appendix: Letter to Voltaire, and Voltaires answer.

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Amersfoort, 1929. 4to. Orig. wraps., slightly discolored. 35 pp. and 8 photographic plates. Good copy. EUR 10.--
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