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List 107: Jewish Bibliography, Booklore and Reference Works

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1-31 Periodicals, Encyclopedias, Series
32-330 Bibliographies, Monographs, Catalogues.

1. BERLINER, ABRAHAM (ed.). - Magazin für jüdische Geschichte und Literatur. Vols. 1-2. Herausgegeben von Abraham Berliner. Berlin 1874-1875. Facsimile REPRINT.
Jerusalem, 1969. 4to. Or. cloth in 2 vols. in slipcase. With portrait of Dr. A. Berliner. A fine set. EUR 52.--
~To name a few contributions: Aus dem Bibliotheken Italiens; Zur Geschichte der Familie Oppenheim; Ueber die hebräischen Manuscripte in der Universitätsbiliothek Rostock; Zur talmudischen Psychologie...Continued as `Magazin für die Wissenschaft des Judenthums'

2. BLOCH, JOSHUA (ed.). - Journal of Jewish Bibliography. Vols. 1-4 no 3 (complete set, all published). Quarterly, ed. by Joshua Bloch.
New York, 1938- 1943. Together 9 volumes. Orig. wraps. Minor traces of wear. Good set. EUR 60.--
~Shunami 501. Each volume also seperately available. Articles on bibliography and booklore by eminent scholars like Aron Freimann, Alexander Marx, Cecil Roth, Ismar Elbogen, Theodor Gaster, to name a few.

3. DAVIDSON, ISRAEL. - Otsar ha-Shirah we-ha-Piyyut. Thesaurus of mediaeval Hebrew poetry. (Complete in 4 vols.).
New York, 1924- 1933. Orig. blue cloth, slightly worn, some spots. One spine partly damaged and repaired. Boards of 2 volumes internally cracked at joints. Large 4to. A few pen-annotations. A good set. EUR 250.--
~The original limited edition of 500 copies, with gilt edges. Shunami 1064

4. DUBNOW, SIMON. - Weltgeschichte des jüdischen Volkes. Complete in 10 vols.
Berlin, Juedischer Verlag, 1925-1930. Orig. cloth, some soiling and wear. Some foxing. A good set. Pictures will be sent on request. EUR 80.--
~German transl. from the Russian.

5. Encyclopaedia Judaica. Year Books 1973, 1974, 1975/76, 1977/78. 4 volumes.
Jerusalem, Keter. Orig. cloth. Price is for 4 volumes together. EUR 35.--

6. Encyclopaedia Judaica Decennial Book 1973 - 1982: Events of 1972 - 1981.
Jerusalem, Keter, 1982. Orig. cloth. 684 pp. Library (removal) stamps on title. EUR 34.--

7. Encyclopaedia Judaica Decennial Book 1983-1992: Events of 1982-1992 (Encyclopaedia Judaica Yearbook).
Jerusalem, Keter, 1994. Orig. cloth. 429 pp. Library (removal) stamps on title. EUR 27.--

8. FRÄNKEL, DAVID (ed.). - `Alim le-bibliographia we-korot Yisrael. Alim. Blätter für Bibliographie und Geschichte des Judentums. Unter Mitwirkung namhafter Gelehrter. Vol. 3, Heft 1.
Wien, 1937, (june). Orig. wraps., partly discolored with a few minor stains. 21 pp. Good copy. EUR 25.--
~In Hebrew. Among the contributions: Guido Kisch: Deutsche Literatur in hebräischer Uebersetzung; David Fränkel: Ueber Jakob Mercaria; S. Bernstain: Der Diwan des Salomo Dafiera. Shunami 488

9. FRAUBERGER, HEINRICH. - Objects of ancient Jewish ritual art. And: Illuminated Hebrew scripts and ornaments of printed books. With 271 illustrations and a new introduction by Hermann M.Z. Meyer. [REPRINT]:.
Jerusalem, The Universitas Bookseller, 1970. Orig. hardcover with dustjacket. (8),104,112 pp. illustrated. EUR 72.--
~Reprint of Heft III/IV and Heft V/VI of Mitteilungen der Gesellschaft zur Erforschung Jüdischer Kunstdenkmäler zu Frankfurt am Main. Resp.: Über alte Kultusgegenstände in Synagoge und Haus. Mit 151 Abbildungen. (orig. edition 1903) AND: Verzierte hebräische Schrift und jüdischer Buchschmuck. Mit 120 Abbildungen. (orig. edition 1909). Text in German. Introduction in English. Edition restricted to 300 copies only.

10. FRIEDMANN, DAVID ARYEH (ed.). - Ein-Hakore (German imprint: "En Hakore" Vierteljahrschrift für Kritik und bibliographie) Ed. by D.A. Friedmann in cooperation with Ts. Wislevsky. No. 1 Januar - März 1923.
Berlin, Moriah, 1923. Orig. paper wraps, brittle, damaged. 200 colls. 4to. Internally good. EUR 70.--
~In Hebrew. Shunami 486. David Aryeh Friedmann (1889-1957) Hebrew critic and editor. Medicine at Moscow Univ. In 1925 emigrated to Palestine.

11. HABERMAN, A.M. (ed.). - Megillat Hasefer. Quarterly devoted to new Hebrew books. Ed. by A.M. Habermann. Nos 1-3 (all publ.).
Jerusalem, 1957-1958. Or. wrps. 48, 48, 48 pp. Good condition. illustr. EUR 32.--
~Text In Hebrew. Shunami 55. Among the articles: Moshe Shamir: The Renaissance; Y.L. Yonatan: Books on the European Holocaust; Yizhak Rivkind: Weeping Books; Yisrael Zmora: Children's Literature: M. Avigal: A conversation among old folk.

12. Jewish Book Annual Vols. 1-33. Uninterrupted run.
New York, 1942-1976. Orig. cloth. First 3 vols. orig. wraps. Binding Vol. 5 slightly discolored and stained. Good set. EUR 310.--
~Publ. by the Jewish Book Council, vol. 1 as Jewish Book Week Annual. Ed. by Alexander Alan Steinbach. Contains bibliographical articles and lists. Incl. an English, Yiddish and Hebrew section, each having a title-page. Many volumes also separately for sale. Pictures will be sent on request. Shunami 502

13. KASHER, M.M. - Torah Shelemah. Talmudic-midrashic encyclopedia of the Pentateuch (text with commentary). Vols. 1-43 (Genesis-Numbers).
New York-Jerusalem, 1949-1992. Orig. cloth. All volumes in very good condition. EUR 900.--

14. KENA'ANI, YA'ACOV (Jacob Kenaani). - Otsar ha-Lashon ha-Ivrit li-Tekufoteha ha-Shonot (Thesaurus of the Hebrew Language). Complete in 18 volumes.
Jerusalem - Tel Aviv-1988, 1960. Orig. cloth. Good set. EUR 425.--
~Hebrew dictionary

15. KLATZKIN, JACOB and ISMAR ELBOGEN (eds.). - Encyclopaedia Judaica. Das Judentum in Geschichte und Gegenwart. Vols. 1-10 (A-Lyra, all issued in German).
Berlin, 1928-1934. Large 4to. Orig. halfleather, top edge gilt, marbled endpapers; Leather rubbed, joints cracked, some spines damaged. 1 vol. rebacked, with orig. spine mounted.Illustrated with fine colour plates. Occasional some brown age-staining. Complete set in German. Internally good. Spines look untidy, but the bindings are solid. Spine vol. 1 in need of repair. EUR 400.--
~Contributions by leading Jewish scholars. Publication of the remaining volumes of this encyclopedia was frustrated by Hitler's advent. Nevertheless this work continues to be an important reference work.

16. KRUPNIK, BARUCH and A.M. SILBERMANN. - Millon Shimmushi le-Talmud, Midrash u-le-Targum. A dictionary of the Talmud, the Midrash and the Targum with quotations from the sources. 2 vols.
London, 1926-1927. 4to. Orig. cloth. Slight traces of use. Good set. EUR 35.--
~Hebrew - English - German

17. MAIMON, JUDAH LEIB (FISHMAN). - Sare ha-Me'ah. reshumot ve-zikhronot. (Description of the greatest Jewish scholars of the last century) 6 vols. Tel Aviv 1942-1947. Reprint.
Tel Aviv, 1978. Orig. cloth with dustjackets. 2 dustjackets slightly dam. Good complete set of 6 volumes. EUR 75.--
~In Hebrew

18. PALESTINE AND ZIONISM. A bibliography of Books, Pamphlets and Periodicals. Vols. 1-11 (all publ.).
New York, Zionist Archives and Library, 1946-1956. Vols 1-3 clothbound in 1 vol. Rest original wrappers. Vol. 11 has considerable waterdamage. EUR 40.--
~Indexes to books pamphlets and periodical literature, arranged by author, subject and titel entry. The periodical section comprehensively covers the Israeli and Zionist periodicals in English, Hebrew, Yiddish, etc. and includes pertinent articles in general magazines. Vols. I-3 are published as a three year cumulation. Shunami 506

19. SINGER, ISIDORE and others (eds.). - The JEWISH ENCYCLOPEDIA. A descriptive record of the history, religion, literature and customs of the Jewish people from the earliest times. Complete in 12 vols. 1901-1906. Edited by Isidore Singer.
New York, 1901-1906. Orig. cloth, spine-edges slightly dam. in a few volumes. 4to. Illustrated. Good set. EUR 230.--

20. SONCINO-BLÄTTER. (Complete set) Beiträge zur Kunde des jüdischen Buches. Vols. 1-3 (in 5 parts). Together with: Festschrift für Aron Freimann (= vol. 4). Ed. by A. Marx and H. Meyer. (all publ.).
Berlin, 1925-1935. 4to. Bound in 2 vols in attractive halfleather binding. Fine set. EUR 700.--
~This set includes XX pp.: `Soncino-Nachrichten' at the end of Band I (very rare), containing a.o. Verzeichnis der Mitglieder. Shunami 487 and 2691

21. STEINSCHNEIDER, MORITZ(ed.). - HaMazkir. Hebräische Bibliographie. Blätter für neuere und ältere Literatur des Judentums. Jahrg. 1 (6 issues).
Berlin, Asher & Co, 1858. Contemp. boards, dam. frontcover loose. Complete year, No 1-6. 132 pp. EUR 30.--
~Orig. first edition. NB pp. 5-8 are misbound.

22. STEINSCHNEIDER, MORITZ(ed.). - HaMazkir. Hebräische Bibliographie. Blätter für neuere und ältere Literatur des Judentums.Nos. 13-30 Jahrgang 3,4,5 (18 issues).
Berlin, Asher & Co, 1860-1862. Contemp. boards, dam. frontcover loose. 3 complete years. EUR 60.--
~Orig. first edition.

23. STEINSCHNEIDER, MORITZ and J. BENZIAN (eds.). - HaMazkir. Hebräische Bibliographie. Blätter für neuere und ältere Literatur des Judentums. 21 parts in 4 vols. Berlin 1858-1882. Facsimile REPRINT. ISBN 9783487042664.
Hildesheim, Olms, 1972. Orig. cloth. 780 pp. Complete set, very good. 4 volumes. EUR 145.--
~In German. Shunami 4818

24. STUDIES IN BIBLIOGRAPHY AND BOOKLORE. Vols. 1-21, lacking only Vol. 9/2 en 9/3. Published by the Library of Hebrew college. Jewish Institute of Religion.
Cincinnati, 1976, 2001. Volumes 1 and 2 are bound together in 1 cloth volume, original wrappers preserved. Rest orig. wraps.One issue slightly stained, with owner's handwritten name. A good run, lacking 2 issues. EUR 470.--
~In English. Important articles by Simon Cohen, Theodore Wiener, Isaac Rivkind, Joseph Gutman, Alexander Scheiber, Ludwig Rosenberger, Cecil Roth, Edward Kiev, Fritz Bamberger and many others.

25. SUKENIK, E.L. and U.M.D. CASSUTO (eds.). - ENTSIKLOPEDYAH MIKRAIT (Mikra'it). Encyclopaedia Biblica. Contributions by B. Mazar, H. Tadmor, J. Licht, J. Liver, S.E. Loewenstamm, N.H. Tur Sinai, Ch. Rabin, S. Yeivin. Complete set. Vols. 1-8 and Index-volume.
Jerusalem, Mossad Bialik, 1950-1988. 4to. Orig. cloth. Together 9 vols. Illustrated. Very good complete set. EUR 120.--
~Biblical encylopedia in Hebrew.

26. TAGIM. Review of Jewish Bibliography. Published by the Center of Torah Libraries, Bnei-Barak. Ed. by Y. Markowitz. No. 1.
Bnei Barak, 1969. Orig. wraps. 120 pp. Some photographic illustr. EUR 35.--
~In Hebrew. Shunami 4821. Among the articles: Meir Wunder: The first decade of printing chassidic books; Abraham J. Goldrath: Books which lost their stature in the world of Torah; Zvi Malachi: The bibliographer Yitzchak Cohen Belinfante of Amsterdam

27. WIENER LIBRARY. Complete set. Catalogue Series Nos 1-7. 1.Persecution and resistance under the Nazis. 2nd revised and enlarged ed. 1953. 2. From Weimar to Hitler. Germany, 1918-1933. 2nd rev. and enl. edition. 1964. 3. German Jewry. Its history, life and culture. 1958. 4. After Hitler. Germany, 1945-1963. 5. Prejudice, racist, religious, nationalist. 1971. 6. German Jewry. Part 2. Additions and amendments to catalogue 3. 1959-1972. 1978. 7. Persecutions and resistance under the Nazis. (Part 1: Reprint of Catalogue No.1, 2nd ed.; Part 2: New material and amendments) 1978.
London, 1953-1978. Or.cloth. EUR 110.--

28. YAD LA-KORE (The reader's aid). A library magazine. Vol I, Nos 1-12 (Complete first year). Edited by S. Shunami.
Tel Aviv, 1946-1947. Or. wraps. in 5 issues, some slight soiling of the paper wraps. 314 pp. Internally very good. EUR 65.--
~In Hebrew. Among the articles: G. Abi-Ehud: The commune of Paris in Hebrew literature, a Bibliography; Kenneth R. Shaffer: The desctruction of books and libraries in World War II; Umberto Cassuto: History of a collection of Hebrew Manuscripts (Vatican Library); Felix Weltsch: Library Ethics; Joshua ben Hananiah: Arab libraries in Palestine; A.M. Habermann: Books past and present; M. Benayahu: Book collections of the Sephardic Jewish community in Jerusalem. Shunami 507.

29. [YIDDISH] - ALGEMEYNE ENTSIKLOPEDYE 1. General section in alphabetical order. Vols. 1-5 (Aleph- Ba`alei Chayim. all publ.) Paris 1934-1937, New York 1944. 2: Systematic section: YIDDN. Vols. 1-7 (all publ.).
Paris / New York, 1940-1966. Large 4to. Orig. blue cloth, worn and occasionally damaged.Internally very good. EUR 600.--
~"The most ambitious attempt in Yiddish encylopedias" (Enc. Jud. 6, p. 731). Editor and founder was Raphael Abramowitz (1880-1963), socialist leader and chief spokesman of the second generation of Bund leaders. In 1920 he moved from Russia to Berlin, in 1939 to Paris and in 1940 to New York. The encyclopaedia was published by the Dubnov Foundation and later in the USA by the Central Yiddish Culture Organisation (CYCO). The systematic section on sociology, history and literature of the Jewish people is particularly outstanding in articles on the Yiddish language and literature. The whole work is profusely illustrated and nicely produced. Shunami 29-30.

30. [YIDDISH] - PINKOS. A quarterly devoted to the study of Yiddish literature, language, folklore and bibliography. Vol.1, no. 3.
New York, 1928. Orig. wraps, slightly damaged and soiled,. pp. 177-288. Some foldingmarks. EUR 19.--
~In Yiddish. Contr. by Jacob Shatzky, Isaac Rivkind, K. Marmor and others. With: `unpublished letter of A. Goldfaden'.

31. ZINBERG, ISRAEL. - A history of Jewish literature. Transl. from the Yiddish and ed. by B. Martin. 12 vols.
Cleveland / Cincinnati / New York, 1972-1978. Orig. cloth with dustjackets. Very good set. EUR 250.--
~Monumental reference work for the Jewish literature from the Arabic-panisch period till the Haskalah at its zenith (The orig. Yiddish ed. appeared in 8 vols., Vilna 1929-1937. Vol. 9 publ. posthumously in 1966). Basing his study on primary sources and documents, Zinberg succeeded in writing a readable history, which has become a standard work in its field.

Bibliographies, Monographs, Catalogues

32. ADLER, ELKAN N. - The Hebrew treasures of England. Presidential address to the Jewish Historical Society of England, delivered on February 9, 1914. (An advance fascicule of Transactions Vol. VIII. Issued to members only).
Edinburgh, 1914. Orig. wraps., loose, edges worn. 18 pp., loose. Else in good condition. EUR 15.--

33. ADLER, ISRAEL. - The study of Jewish music. A bibliographical guide.
Jerusalem, Magnes Press, Hebrew University, 1995. Softcover. 87 pp. EUR 37.--
~In English.

34. ALLONY, N. and M. FIGUERAS. - Manuscritos hebraicos de la Biblioteca de Montserrat. (De 'Sefarad' XIX).
No place, Imp. C. Bermejo., 1959. Orig.. printed wraps., minor traces of wear and use. 32 pp. and (5) leaves of photographic plates on different paper. EUR 18.--
~With a dedication in ink on first page.

35. [AMERICAN JEWISH YEAR BOOK.] - SOLIS-COHEN, EMILY. - American Jewish Year Book, Index to Vols 1-50 (1899-1949) (5660-57090)..
New York, Ktav, 1967. Orig. cloth. 375 pp. Very good copy. EUR 15.--

36. AMRAM, DAVID WERNER. - The makers of Hebrew books in Italy being chapters in the history of the Hebrew printing press. 1909. Repr.
London, 1963. Or. cloth with foxed dustjacket. XX, 417 pp. Illustr. Owner's stamp on first blanc. Very good copy. EUR 14.--
~Shunami 2920

37. AMRAMI, YAAKOV. - Bibliographia Shimmushit. Practical bibliography. Nili. "Brit Habiryonim". The Irgun Zvai Leumi. Lohamey Herut Israel.
Tel-Aviv, 1975. 4to. Orig. cloth with dustjacket. 16, 246, XVI pp. Illustrated. EUR 15.--
~With preface in Hebrew and English

38. [AMSTERDAM - BIBLIOTHECA ROSENTHALIANA] - Treasures of Jewish booklore. Marking the 200th anniversary of the birth of Leeser Rosenthal 1794-1994. Ed. by Adri K. Offenberg, Emile G.L. Schrijver and F.J. Hoogewoud.
Amsterdam, University Press, 1994. Large 4to. Or. cloth, with dustjacket. XII, 135 pp. Richly illustrated. Fine copy. EUR 18.--
~Reproductions of a great variety of important manuscripts and books in possession of the library. Over 50 specialists from Holland and abroad were invited to write a short article accompanying each reproduction.

39. [AMSTERDAM - ROSENTHALIANA] - Systematische catalogus van de Judaica der Bibliotheca Rosenthaliana. Vols. 1-5. Reprint.
Amsterdam, 1965. Orig. cloth. XXVI, 520 pp. EUR 50.--
~Systematic catalogue. Introduction and contents in Dutch and English. Shunami 4785

40. [AMSTERDAM] - CATALOGUS historische tentoonstelling "De Hoogduitsche Joodsche Gemeente te Amsterdam 1635- 1935" Waaggebouw 12-26 November 1935.
Amsterdam, Joods Historisch Museum, 1935. Orig. wraps, slight dampstaining. 65 pp. Slightly rusty staples. Good copy. EUR 23.--
~In Dutch. Exhibition on Ashkenazic community in Amsterdam. 537 items arranged by subject. Shunami 5590

41. APTROOT, MARION and others. - Jiddische Bücher und Handschriften aus den Niederlanden. (Ausstelling (...) Universitäts- und Landesbibiothek Düsseldorf, Universiteitsbibliotheek Amsterdam, 28. August - 6 Oktober 2000).
Amsterdam, Düsseldorf, 2000. Orig. wraps. 64 pp. Illustr. EUR 18.--

42. ATTIA, ALI MOHAMED ABD EL-RAHMAN. - The Hebrew periodical Ha-Shiloah (1896-1919). Its role in the development of modern Hebrew literature.
Jerusalem, 1991. Hardcover. 228 pp. EUR 16.--

43. BEHRMANN SENIOR, D. - Hamburgs Orientalisten. Dem XIII. internationalen Orientalistenkongress überreicht von der Averhoffstiftung.
Hamburg, 1902. Modern cloth. Staples removed. (2) 108, III pp. Small stain on titlepage. EUR 28.--
~More than 200 short biographies. Including Hebraic scholars, both Jewish and Christian. With full index of names.

44. BEIT-ARIÉ, MALACHI. - Hebrew codicology. Tentative typology of technical practices employed in Hebrew dated medieval manuscripts.
Jerusalem, 1981. Orig. wraps. 114 pp., illustrated. Slight traces of use. EUR 68.--

45. BEIT-ARIÉ, MALACHI. - Unveiled faces of medieval Hebrew books. The evolution of manuscript production - Progression or regression? ISBN 9654931605.
Jerusalem, Hebrew University/Magness Press, 2003. Hardcover. 90 pp. And 23 photographic plates. As new. EUR 15.--

46. BEIT-ARIÉ, MALACHI. - The makings of the medieval Hebrew book. Studies in palaeography and codicology.
Jerusalem, The Magness press, 1993. 4to. Orig. boards, slightly bumped edges. 283 pp. Illustrated. EUR 88.--

47. BEN-MENAHEM, NAFTALI. - Mi-Ginzei Yisrael ba-Vatican (Description of 35 Hebrew manuscripts in the Vatican Library).
Jerusalem, 1954. Orig. halfcloth, spine slightly dam, partly detached. 207 pp. Yellowing paper, foldingmark titlepage, hinges showing at title. EUR 70.--
~In Hebrew. Shunami 5889

48. BEN-MENAHEM, NAFTALI (comp.). - Choveret le-Dugmah. Specimen Brochure. Institute for Hebrew bibliography.
Jerusalem, 1964. Or. wrps, slightly dam. 52 pp. EUR 15.--
~With introduction "The National Hebrew Bibliography Project" by Gershom Scholem in Hebrew and English

49. BENAYAHU, MEIR. - Ha-Hida.(Hayyim Joseph David Azulai) (In Hebrew).
Jerusalem, Ben Zvi Institute, 1960. Orig. wraps.48 pp. Illustrated 10.5x18 cm. EUR 20.--

50. BENJACOB, ISAAC. - Ozar ha-Sefarim (Bibliography of Hebrew books and manuscripts).
Wilna, 1880. Halfcloth, edges worn. On inner frontcover in neat handwriting: `Eigentum von Prof. Dr. Heinemann'. XXXIV, 678 pp. Good+ copy of the original edition. EUR 140.--
~Shunami 80

51. BENJACOB, ISAAC. - Ozar ha-Sefarim (Ozar ha-sepharim). Wilna 1880. Repr.
New York, no date. Or. cloth. Binding worn. 678 pp. Internally: good condition. EUR 28.50
~Cfr. Shunami 80

52. [BENJACOB, ISAAC] - SLATKINE, MENACHEM MENDEL. - Ozar ha-Sefarim. Chelek Sheni.
Jerusalem, 1965. Or. cloth with dustjacket. 481 pp. EUR 60.--
~In Hebrew. Notes, corrections, additions & an author index of Isaac Benjacob"s Ozar ha-Sefarim. Shunami 4479

53. BENSHALOM, BENZION. - Hebrew literature between the two world wars. Translated.
Jerusalem, 1953. Orig. decorated boards. spine repaired. 108 pp. And 3 plates. Some waterstaining at uppermargin. EUR 12.--

54. BERLIN, CHARLES (ed.). - Studies in Jewish bibliography, history and literature in honor of I. Edward Kiev.
New York, 1971. Orig. cloth. 587,139 pp. Illustrated. EUR 20.--
~Shunami 5751

55. BERLIN, CHARLES (ed.). - Index to Festschriften in Jewish Studies.
New York, 1971. Orig. cloth. XL, 322 pp. EUR 12.--
~Shunami 4869

56. BERLIN, CHARLES (ed.). - Hebrew printing and bibliography. Studies by Joshua Bloch and others, reprinted from the publications of the New York Public Library on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the Jewish Division of the New York Public Library. Selected and with a preface.
New York, Ktav, 1976. Orig. cloth. XI, 518 pp. Illustrated. EUR 59.--
~Contains also the full text of: Aron Freimann: A gazetteer of Hebrew printing.

57. BERLIN, CHARLES and MARION APTROOT. - The Range of Yiddish. Catalog of an Exhibition from the Yiddish Collection of the Harvard College Library.
Cambridge, Mass., Harvard College Library, 1999. Oblong. Or. wrps. IV, 72 pp., ill. EUR 20.--

58. BERLIN, CHARLES. - American Jewish Ephemera. A Bicentennial Exhibition from the Judaica Collection of the Harvard College Library. Introductory Lecture Impressions of Jewish Daily Life in the Past One Hundred Years by Oscar Handlin, Carl. H. Pforzheimer University Professor Harvard University.
Cambridge, Mass., 1977. Or. wrps. EUR 23.--
~illustrated catalogue, 91 items

59. BERLINER, ABRAHAM. - Aus Handschriften. Sonderabdruck aus 'Festschrift zum 70. Geburtstage D. Hoffmann's'.
Berlin, 1914. Contemp. wraps, spine damaged. XII pp. Minor traces of use. EUR 15.--

60. BESSO, HENRY V. (ed.). - Ladino Books in the Library of Congress. A Bibliography (Hispanic Foundation Bibliographical Series No. 7).
Washington, The Library of Congress, 1963. Or. wrps. IX, 48 pp., ill. EUR 15.--
~Shunami 4597: 289 entries

61. BIRNBAUM, SOLOMON A. - The Hebrew Scripts. Part two: The Plates. With 339 facsimiles. Vol. 2 only (of 2 volumes in total).
London, 1954-1957. Folio. Orig. cloth., spine slightly worn at top and bottom. 140 pp. collotype plates. EUR 110.--
~"The purpose of this work is to investigate the development of the Hebrew letters from the beginnings to the present day."

62. BIRNBAUM, SOLOMON A. - The Qumran (Dead Sea) Scrolls and Palaeography. (Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research. Supplementary Studies Nos. 13-14).
New Haven, 1952. Orig. wraps. 52 pp. EUR 14.--

63. BLOCH, JOSHUA. - The People and the Book. The background of 300 years of Jewish life in America. A tricentennial exhibition at the New York Public Library.
New York, 1954. Or. hcloth. 134 pp. Illustr. Fine copy. EUR 10.--
~"An annotated list of illuminated manuscripts, rare books, authentic documents and related material". 111 entries. Shunami 2128.

64. [BOOKSELLER] - ALTER HEBREW BOOK CO. Reshimot Sefarim Me-Otsar ha-Sefarim.
New York, 1925. Orig. wraps., slightly browned, small cornerpiece of backcover lacking. 152 pp. Rusty staples. EUR 40.--
~Shunami 432. 308 Manuscripts . 3342 + 1340 Books

65. [BOOKSELLER] - BAMBERGER & WAHRMAN. Hebraica.Sefarim ivrim atikim.
Jerusalem, 1954. Orig. wraps, spine damaged, small cornerpiece missing. 122 pp. EUR 28.50
~In Hebrew. Shunami 436

66. [BOOKSELLER] - CHRISTIE'S NEW YORK. Important Hebrew manuscripts and printed books from the library of the London Beth Din. (Lots 1-148). Auction Catalogue.
New York, 1999. Orig. wraps. EUR 20.--

67. [BOOKSELLER] - KAUFFMANN, J. Katalog Nr. 64 Judaica Zeitschriften und Sammelwerke. Im Anhang: Manuskripte.
Frankfurt am Main, 1911. Or. wraps, slightly damaged at edges. 96 pp. Yellowing paper. EUR 28.50
~Shunami 299

68. [BOOKSELLER] - MAGGS BROS. Catalogue nr. 419. Judaica and Hebraica. Manuscripts and early printed books illustrative of the history, martyrdom and literature of the Jews.
London, 1922. Orig. wraps, slightly soiled. (4),140 pp. Frontispiece and 11 plates. EUR 15.--
~Shunami 2069

69. [BOOKSELLER] - SOTHEBY'S. Important Hebrew Manuscripts from the Montefiore Endowment. October 27 & 28, 2004. Auction catalogue.
New York, Sotheby's, 2004. 508 pp. Illustr. Very good copy. Printed list realized prices inserted. EUR 14.--

70. [BOOKSELLER] - SOTHEBY'S. Four extremely important Hebrew Manuscripts from the Tenth to the Fifteenth Century. The property of the British Rail Pension Fund. Auction Catalogue. 05/12/1989.
London, Sotheby's, 1989. Very good copy with price list. EUR 11.--

71. BRAHAM, RANDOLPH L. - Jews in the communist world. A bibliography 1945-1960.
New York, 1961. Or. cloth. 64 pp. Library-stamp. EUR 23.--
~Shunami 1654. English-language sources, divided in 2 parts: `critical' and `justifying or "explaining"' literature.

72. BRISMAN, SHIMEON. - A history and guide to Judaic bibliography. Jewish Research Literature. Volume 1 (Bibliographica Judaica 7).
Cincinnati / New York, 1977. Orig. cloth, minor traces of wear. XXI, 352 pp. EUR 15.--

73. [BUBER, MARTIN] - CATANE, MOSHE. - Bibliographia A bibliography of Martin Buber's works, 1895-1957. Published by the Bialik Institute, Jerusalem, on the occasion of Buber's 80th birthday.
Jerusalem, 1958. Or. cloth. 142 pp. with portrait. EUR 14.50
~Shunami 3326

74. [BUENOS AIRES - MUSEO JUDIO] - Exposición de obras de autores judíos de habla alemana.
Buenos Aires, 1973. Orig. wraps. 253 pp. Illustrated. Ex-library copy. Handwritten dedication on title. Good copy. EUR 30.--
~"El presente catálogo es una traducción parcial del que fue publicado en alemán por el Sr. Desider Stern, y completado por el Museo Judío de Buenos Aires." Shunami 6670

75. BUXTORF, JOHANNES. - De abbreviaturis hebraicis liber novus et copiosus. Nachdruk der Ausgabe Herborn 1708.
Hildesheim, Olms Verlag, 1985. 16,5 x 11 cm. Orig. cloth. (28),304,217,(10) pp. As new. EUR 19.--
~Shunami 46

76. CARMILLY-WEINBERGER, MOSHE. - Censorship and Freedom of Expression in Jewish History.
New York, 1977. Paperback, slight foldingmark in frontcover. 295 pp. EUR 38.--

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